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  • Water in our life


  • Water in our life

Our school is a junior high school, we teach students aged between 13 and 16. Students come from different families, most of their parents work in local factories. There are lots of students of large families (having 3 or more children), lots of students' parents are divorced or re-married. In most families both parents work, often shifts, so a number of children are not well looked after. The school is focused on foreign languages. We teach not only English, but also German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and French. The level of teaching languages is high, especially in bilingual classes which we have every year. We provide our students with opportunities of meeting people from different countries by holding the project Enter you Future organized by the AIESEC organization. We also take students to watch performances in English prepared by Leaming Without Borders. Students take part in all these events actively. We also have classes specializing in biology and one of their aims is analyzing water pollution in our local lake and rivers.
Our school would like to participate in this project because our students are ready to share their knowledge with partners, to leam about diversities and tolerance, to broaden their minds and use English and other languages in a practical way, in a real-life communication. We can show our partners some of our water sources, share our experience in saving water and invite them to enjoy our beautiful local lake resort with us .

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