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  • Water in our life


  • Water in our life


Gymnazium, Bmo, Slovanske namesti 7 is a grammar school, a general secondary school preparing more than 500 students for entering university. Its students are from 14 to 19 years old. The study lasts four or six years.
The school has some experience in the Comenius programme. In its role it wants to help to the coordinating school lead a successful project, and to make sure all participants will enjoy their involvement. As for facilities, the school has two labs for ICT, one for physics, chemistry, biology, two gyms for sports and one for fitness, a playground, library, dining-hall, meeting-hall, students club etc. The school was built in 1930 and nowadays it is situated at a road with a quite dense traffic in a suburb of the city of Brno, the capital of Moravia.
Students are coming from various places of the Southmoravian region - it is often an obstacle for good socializing at the leisure time. The reason of such a diversity of our students is that they have decided to study languages at our school. We particularly focus on English. There are even subjects at our school taught in English. That is why we can receive also foreign students, ego children of foreign workers. We are able to help them get used to our scholar system and start learning Czech. The school has one student per class from a family of immigrants on average - there are Vietnamese, Serbian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Angolan here.
International relations and cooperation are considered as very important for our school.

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