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  • Water in our life

Partner Spagna - Spain

The IES Nueva Isleta Tony Gallardo is both a grammar and vocational school. It is located at a urban area of Las Palm as de Gran Canaria, the main town and co-capital of the Canary Islands (Spain). The school educational offer includes compulsatory education,pre-college studies and vocational training.
There are around 300 students. Regarding the facilities, the building has around 25 classrooms, a gym, a sport court and three workshops; some of the classrooms are for specific purposes: computer room, multimedia room, laboratories, etc. Smart blackboards and projectors are available in many classrooms. Internet connections are not always reliable though. There are also a library and an assembly hall for around 100 people.
The school is in La Isleta district, a very popular quarter near Las Palmas de Gran Canaria harbor and port. In this sense contact with many different cultures is intrinsic to the area which, at the same time maintains its own identity characteristics within the town: the local community feels proud of their humble origins.
Immigration has played an important role in Spain last years, and this area has not been alien to this. Although many immigrants are leaving the country due to the current economic crisis, the school still counts with students from other areas of Spain and abroad (mostly from North-West Africa and South America). Currently there are 9 diagnosed students with special needs.
There have been behavioral problems with several students in the past, but the situation has improved and the school can be described now as a quiet one. The level of academic achievement, however, is lower than the average for schools in the Canary Islands. It is a fact, besides, that only around 20% of parents have got a university degree and their socio-culturallevel could be established as medium-low or low.

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