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  • Water in our life


  • Water in our life

DenizYlldlzlan Teknik ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi is a technical and vocational high school located in a highly industrialized town in Kocaeli. The socioeconomic structure of our town consists of mostly uneducated families. Our town- Danca is between the most developed cities of Turkey and it is surrounded by factories which makes it so attractive for immigrants. The immigrants come from different backgrounds and they have difficulty in getting used to the city life, have a cultural shock and financial problems. Our students are the children of those families.
Our school not only gives the students the education they need not only for meeting all their needs adapting to the modern life but also encourages them to develop themselves as qualified individuals for their future. The school has four departments: Information Technologies, Electric- Electronic, Radio- TV(media) and Industrial Automation. There are 900 students who are aged between 14- 18 at school. The school trains students both on vocational education and university entrance examination.
Related to the fact that Turkey is a candidate member of the European Union, the school would like to participate in European cooperation in order to enrich its knowledge about the cultures, languages, traditions and history of the European countries. They also want to learn about all the diversities among the partners. With the involvement of the students and staff in such a cooperation, they believe they may contribute and develop the level of their education.

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